Freelance Website & App Development


If you are going to invest in a website, do it the right way.

Sometimes it is just time for a new site. Something up to date, mobile friendly, looks beautiful on an iPad, and allows you to update it whenever you’d like. Your site should be built around a Content Management System (CMS). Don’t let the word scare you. It’s not over complicating anything, it is simplifying everything you could possibly need for a site, even the most simplest one page website. This will allow you to add new content as you’d like, apply special “plugins” that EASILY add new features to your site like a shopping cart or newsletter, and use a “theme” for the front-end look of the site (meaning every year you could easily introduce a “brand new site” to your customers by simply applying only a new theme to all of your content). Not only that, but Content Management Systems are so common these days that it can be handed off to any web developer moving forward. If you are going to invest in a website, do it the right way. I can also take over existing sites, merge sites, split sites into multiple sites, and many more ideas you haven’t even thought of yet…


  • After college I worked full time in IT at a high performance distribution company for 5 years before moving into full time freelance
  • I also taught students for 3 semesters as a web instructor at Hennepin Technical College
  • Freelancing for 10+ years

General Services

  • Can build new app or websites from scratch, or work on existing websites and/or fix issues
  • Marketing & advertising plan/brainstorming, business organization, POS & CRM software advice, etc
  • Can turn your “business idea” into visually looking like a real business online ASAP
  • Free second opinions about anything app or web related, simply send me a message
  • I can also provide new website discounts if you also host your website with my partners & I instead of paying other random web hosts. Read more about our Web Hosting & Dedicated Web Support.
  • Experience with apps on iOS Android & Windows, self publishing books paperback & digital, iTunes/iPad Amazon/Kindle & MP3 audio distribution

Sample Work: Websites

  • Cowboy Jacks Bar & Restaurant by The After Midnight Group
  • HCMC’s Health Smarty
  • Hosted Hunts
  • Deco BMX
  • Lashes For All
  • The Capital Advisory Group Financial Services
  • Gyropolis
  • Quality Bicycle Probucts’ Greenlight Bike to Work Program Facebook Integration

Already have a web site? Need better Web Hosting or Support?


  • Cowboy Jacks
  • Renters Warehouse
  • Quality Bicycle Products
  • The Capital Advisory Group
  • Xcel Energy
  • Total BMX
  • Russell Herder
  • Lashes For All
  • Answer BMX
  • Deco BMX
  • Cover It All Siding
  • BMX Trickstars
  • Sky Oaks Barn
  • Chiarini Marble & Stone
  • Blue Lake Commercial
  • Jeff’s Art
  • Link Foundation
  • Gyropolis
  • Hosted Hunts
  • Grub Apps
  • InterBMX
  • 3rd Lair

Other Services

  • General website & app consulting
  • Custom PHP Coding
  • WordPress Support
  • Custom WordPress Theme & Plugin Development
  • Custom PHP Development
  • Custom Backend Development
  • Social Networking Integration, Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Spam & Hacked Site Cleanup

Tired of Updating Social Networks?
Let’s simply your life. Your new website could be connected to Twitter and Facebook so you only have to post content in one place. You can even schedule posts. My experience with email and texting campaigns can help your business as well. Stay in front of your customers. Keep your brand name alive.

Looking to enter the mobile world?
Smart phones are taking over these days and we would love to keep you ahead of the game. From simple news apps, to social media and large scale POS integration apps, I would love to help you with your next project.

Sample Work: Apps & Mobile

  • Dream Park Builder iPhone, iPad, Android, & Windows App
  • Valet Magic iPhone & Android App
  • Renters Warehouse Mobile Site
    Screenshot 2014-06-21 02.15.15
  • BMX LIFE iPhone & Android News Photos & Videos App
  • Grub iPhone News App

Sample Work: Products

  • Your Guide to Financial Freedom Self Published Paperback Book, iPad & Kindle Digital Versions, & MP3 Audio