Oklahoma City CFB Comp


Once again an early flight… MSP airport at 5:00am. Layover in Denver, then to Oklahoma City for Mat Hoffman’s CFB Comp (Crazy Fricken Bikers). The dirt is fricken rediculous. 10′ landings & a crazy kicker with a 10′ gap into a 12′ tall roll in… The street course is in Mat’s cement park with about 15 wooden obstacles built by Nate Wessel. Insane. I registered for Pro Street and got an OGIO backpack and target gift card just for registering. I placed 18th out of around 40. I felt I rode good had a great time, so I am happy. Especially after the massage I had right next to Gary Young… Lots of people out here. Special thanks to Mike Collins for taking care of me for the weekend. I seriously did not spend a dime. SNAFU rocks. By far the biggest set of dirt jumps I’ve ever ridden… Check out the new PROPS issue #60. I have about four clips in the Ratty section. InterBMX is going nuts.. I hit over 1,000 profiles within 17 days. I got the word out about the site to everyone at the comp. So did Catfish while announcing when I was riding.