QBP BMX Interbike 2006


I flew out Tuesday afternoon to Interbike with Cal. There were about 15 other QBP employees on the same flight. Jay, Tony, etc. We have about 75 QBP employees at Interbike this week. Crazy. Our QBP BMX booth had some sweet bright neon colors. I met a ton of dealers and vendors at the show. Drive has their new twin stem which is a two piece stem cut diagnally thru the middle. It is sweet & I got one of the few prototypes to test out. Also got the new white lite bars and a lite pink fork! Bubble Gum colors! I will be re-designing the Answer BMX website soon. We stayed in Todd & Andy’s hotel room at Treasure Island along with Alex. Lots of guys for one room. The NORA Cup was fun this year. I rode out there to the Hard Rock with Jay Miron and Greg from MacNeil Bikes. Lots of people out there. We came back Saturday morning and the lines at the Vegas airport are rediculous. Looking forward to the show next year.