QBP is sending Todd, Jay, Darrin, Cal and I to road trip thru Texas to visit a few of our dealers and ride at some local skateparks. Todd got a handful of our vendors (DEFPOPS – Drive, Eastern, FBM, Primo, Odyssey, Profile, Sunday) to sponsor the trip and also send some team riders along to ride. Props will be filming, and a photographer from DIG and RideUK will be shooting photos as well. There are 15 people in our group, two vans, three hotel rooms, one week. We arrived in Texas this afternoon. I’ve never been to Texas. We went to an ESPN X-Games park today and rode for about 30 minutes until they closed. Then we decided to hit up the pool & hot tub! The next day we went to the Allen cement skatepark just outside of Dallas in Allen, TX. We were there for a good 8+ hours, and I spent a good chunk of this sleeping because I happened to get sick these first few days. Not fun trying to ride when you are sick. Next stop, Austin Texas!