QBP Frostbike 2007


Frostbike once again… This year we had Drive BMX, Eastern Bikes, FBM, Odyssey, Sunday, UGP, Profile Racing, Answer BMX, Supercross, Primo, Lotek, and a few other BMX brands out for the show. The weather was a bit warmer than last year (2006 was -30 degrees, 2007 was about -15 degrees). It was a great weekend, lots of work, lots of fun. Quite a few local showed up and checked out the show… Seth, Bob, Gunch, Gelle, Erik, Mark, and a few others. I am working 12 days in a row 8+ hours each, and this year on salary = no overtime. But it was definitely worth it!

Oh, and don’t be surprised when there is an IT Wii party going on behind the scenes 😉