QBP Hardwood Floor. Denied!


Why settle with boring carpet, when you can have exciting hardwood floors in your cube? QBP encourages cubical decoration. I bought 120sq ft of flooring & precisely cut it to fit perfectly when I brought it into my IT cube at QBP. My fake hardwood floor is complete with beautiful fake tree, and a very inviting fake fireplace. I love the my Herman Miller chair feels on it. I love the way my dogs paws sound on it. Give it about five weeks, a handful of conversations, and a meeting between our Facilities Director and IT Director before management requested that it be removed. Why? Apparently QBP has some water drain issue in that corner of the building and having my beautiful hard wood on top of their carpet could cause dampness/mold issues down the road. Now if we could only raise the floor a few inches for airflow 😉