Dew Tour Pro Park Open Qualifiers – Chicago, IL


I’ve been on the wait list forever, and one week before I got in! I was in CA at the time, and actually had to book another earlier one way flight back to MN to get home and out to Chicago in time. I drove down a few days early for practice. First of all, the level of riding at the things are insane. No, not the big wigs like Mirra, Nyquist, Dhers, Spinner, Enarson, Reynolds, etc, the fricken OQ Park riders are doing frontie whips, frontie supermans, and decade airs!! Good lord, I swear flair whips are a standard now. I had a super good first run during qualifiers.. Truck spine, font box, double whip quarter, tuck across vert wall channel, curved wall, turndown hip, 3whip spine, flair vert wall. Second run was horrible from the start of some random screaming song they played for the music I supposedly submitted. Out of 20 that qualify, I was 40 something.. I loved seeing Griess finish next to Kachinsky, etc on the scoreboard loll it’s fricken tough man, there are very few people in the world that even make it into qualifiers so I was super excited either way. The rest of the weekend went by great, great riding, met some really cool people, and definitely looking forward to next season!


Dear Dustin Griess,

Congratulations!  Your registration form has been received, reviewed, and accepted by the Dew Tour.  We’ll be expecting you for the Open Qualifiers in BMX Park in Chicago for the Nike 6.0 BMX Open, Thursday, June 25, 2009.

Please check the schedule posted on the registration website for your practice and competition dates and times.

Please be aware that a confirmation is required for each stop of the Dew Tour. The information you entered on the online registration site will be saved and password protected so you can log on and confirm your participation for future stops. Again, the website address is:

This website will be your reference for all competition related documents throughout the year.  We will post items as they become available including the Dew Tour Rulebook, Course designs, Competition schedules, and Event waivers.


All athletes must check in at Athlete Registration to fill out the appropriate paperwork and pick up credentials.  Remember, there is an Open Qualifier registration fee, which will be collected at registration. Payment can be made by cash or check.

See you in June!