TOTALED. Limited Jeep Grand Cherokee.


I couldn’t have hydroplaned into a nicer lady, Pam. She was on her way to pick up holiday dinner steaks at Sams Club. Right as I slammed into her, Jeff and I ran out of the Jeep to see if she was okay and I gave her a hug lol aside from the damage I did to her car, I shattered her rear window and noticed a large case of Snapple in the rear window “Thank god we didn’t damage the Snapple” I told her.. She looks at me oddly, then says “Yeah, you know what, your right! Who wants a Snapple??” So we drank Snapple on the shoulder of 494. I’m lucky I ran into this lady! no pun intended!!

Took me 9 years to hit another car. 494 East, July 4th, it started pouring in the afternoon. Jeff, Jen and I had to get to Elko speedway to do some shows. I was in the slow lane, and a dude in the fast lane hit the median and spun out on 494 near Penn. So chain reaction everyone started slamming on their brakes, I had more than enough time to stop until I started hydroplaning! BAM! Waited about 10 minutes for the tow truck, and about an hour and a half for the cops lol Family hitched us a ride to the shows, then flew to Costa Rica so I had no phone to do anything with the Jeep, then I went to Lake Owen Camp the following week and still no phone signal. Gosh I love full coverage 😉 and AAA membership! Haven’t paid a dime for anything.