Boom Boom Pow. MN State Fair BMX Shows of 2009


I’m a beast when you turn me on Into the future cybertron Harder, faster, better, stronger Sexy ladies extra longer.

Deep fried jailbait sums up the fair each year. I swear 14 is the new 17. I took care of scheduling the riders this year, printing flyers, managing tickets, etc. The same chaos went down as usual.. 84 shows total. At the end of my 75th show I was “fair”ly tired, it was getting dark, etc, and I slammed jumping the spine to bank highway gap. Put my right elbow & left knee out for about 5 weeks. All muscle issues, saw a neuromuscular therapist.


Gotta get-get, gotta get-get. Gotta get-get, gotta g-g-g-get-get-get, get-get, Boom boom boom, now Boom boom boom, now Boom Boom Pow.

It’s not our fault we’re “on the supersonic boom”. Prepare yourself for The MN State Fair BMX Shows of 2009. “Y’all hear the spaceship zoom”.

You know you want our swagger. These shows feature more 8 packs and tenacious biceps than your Tyra Banks Male Model Pageant. AJ Haines, Darrin Treanor, Justin DEWitt, Seth Peterson, BJ Tomczik, Mini Mark Schlegel, Phil Book, Benny Polaschek, Calvin Burgstahler, Todd & Caleb Wittman, PirateBMX!, Colton, Lee Mies, Nick Lucas, Jason Nevonen, Evan Moyle, Nick Palmquist, and yours truly.

If you really have to read this your “so 2000 and late”. Take this honor to witness our refined 2009 3rd Lair skatepark setup, guaranteed with thousands of whips, hundreds of flips, and depending on how high you “put your hands in the air”, fronties, flipwhips, 3doublewhips… no big deal. And don’t get our dance beats confused with your local ravE (emphasis on the E) or your satellite radio’s “bass overload”, 3rd Lair’s DJ Swamp TROG makes “them girls go ape-shit”.

“People in the place, if you wanna get down” these stimulating shows are located in the “X-Zone” 3rd Lair Skatepark located in the northwest corner of the fair at Underwood St & Murphy Ave. Listen for “the beat that pound”.

Our shows take place every day of the fair, Thursday August 27th through Labor Day Monday September 7th. Each show is 20 minutes, starting sharp at 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:30, 3:30, 5:00, 6:30, and 7:30pm. Although don’t be surprised when you find yourself aroused in an exclusive “private show”. Each show is followed by an epic “autograph session” we like to call it. Weekend shows are wild, our spectators can easily exceed four figures during one 20 minute show.

We “got that boom boom boom”. Each show is free entertainment for visitors at the fair. We are invited back each year for a reason, not because our riding increases to another indefinable level each year, but because this is “that digital spit, next level visual shit”. Last day of shows are arguably the craziest, yet in ’08 our first day of shows were more insane than the last day of ’07. We’re approaching “that next shit now” and have no idea what’s about to go down for 2009.

Boom Boom Pow. -DG


Weezer can’t even put the Rad in Raditude like our shows.


lol I love the fair.