Shawty wanna thuggg – Lil Wayne Costume

Yes I have my gold chains, iced grillz, and tattoo tears for every man I’ve killed. And no I did not spend over $300 on this costume and a mobile voice synthesizer. Happy Halloween.


I love Halloween. It’s so much more fun when you put time into a creative costume. I spent about 6 weeks putting this one together. Cincinnati Reds hat, dreads, black shades, iced grillz, gold chains, rings, blingin’ watch, red hoodie, wife beater, money bag belt buckle, white gym shorts, white boxers, red/white shoes, and designer jeans (don’t worry they were already part of my wardrobe hah) I used black eyeliner for all my tattoos, and no, I didn’t use mocha foundation on my skin… All of this wouldn’t be complete with my mobile voice synthesizer setup… Even Dwayne Michael Carter Jr himself doesn’t look this good. I said he’s so sweet make me wanna lick the rapperrrrrr