We’re in a Tub (feat. K-Wish and IAmTPainApp)


Created for the I Am T-Pain Contest at smule.com. Special Thanks to Kevin Wishard, Dustin Griess, Evan Moyle, AJ Haines, and Katie Swanson.

Get your snorkels ready, cause its about to go down.
Everybody in the house put on your swimsuit, we’re about to turn the bubbles on.
We hostin’ this Let’s go.

We’re in a tub, We’re in a tub
Every body come on over
and cause we’re chillin in a tub
We’re in a tub, We’re in a tub
submerge yourself into our tiny hot tub

We’re in a tub sexy mommas, take a look at us
We got knobs, cupholders and this things a must!
an array of buttons, and this ones a light
check it out little ladies, gonna make this thing bright!

Come on over chicks, we got a hot tub
take a beer, come in here we’ll give you backrubs
I got my short shorts, and my rubber ducky
I’m drinkin beers, while my ipods playing Gnarls Barkley

I’m diving underwater, grabbing coins and bling
when underwater your eyes really start to sting
but I’ve got goggles, so I’m feeling no pain
We’re in a tub all you ladies, come jump into this thing

Check out these jets babes, they blowing bubbles
you should hop on in, forget your troubles
And if you if you sit next me, I swear I wont be touchy
because I know if I am, then you’re sure to punch me
Get your butts in! This waters hot!

Screw work, take a break, Sugarbunnies
Screw friends, we got T-Pain, Sugarbunnies
Im in the tub with my bros, Sugarbunnies
Marco Polo’s just started, Sugarbunnies

Hey girls, if you were all here now,
Havin’ lots of fun, just splashing around
T-Pain and Lil Wayne are gonna tear this place down
if you don’t come now, your gonna miss the show!

I never thought I’d be in a tub
with no chicks, and theres only these scrubs
JPH and SLB oh,
we even brought over lil wayne, hes just chilling and going insane
and if we don’t get outta here soon, we’ll become prunes

We’re in a tub, We’re in a tub
Ever’y body come on over
cause were chillin in a tub
We’re in a tub, We’re in a tub
submerge yourself into our tiny hot tub.