“Club 3rd Lair” and Minnesota State Fair’s 2010 BMX Shows


“I said it. Go tell it. Confetti. Who ready? I’m ready! You ready! Lets get it!”

WHO: “You know I know how”
Iron Man AJ Haines, Darrin Banana Man Treanor, Justin Wolf Man DEWitt, Mini Mark Wrecking Ball Schlegel, Phil The Pill Book, Benny Polaschek, Josh Nendza, Calvin Caltron Burgstahler, Nick Pirate Man K, The Young Colton Walker, Lee Mies, Kenny “Not Worth Mentioning” Short, Reed “I used to Rollerb…lade” Stark, Glenn “4 in one month” Dussl, Jason Nevonen, Evan “Shingle Retailer” Moyle, Nick “Sleeves of Doom” Palmquist, Dustin “Short Term Memory” Griess.

WHEN & WHERE: “To make em stop and stare as I zone out”
7 shows every day of the fair. Thurs 8/26 thru Labor Day Mon 9/6 in the northwest “X-Zone” corner of fairgrounds at crossroads of Murphy & Underwood. 20 minutes of shredding, sharp at 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:30, 3:30, 5:00, 6:30, and 7:30pm followed by an epic autograph session, although don’t be surprised when you find yourself aroused in an exclusive private autograph session.

CLUB SHOW DETAILS: “The club can’t even handle me right now”
Who has been invited back to their 10th year of throwing down at the fair? Exactly. Time to celebrate. Introducing CLUB 3RD LAIR. DJ’s, GIRLS, fog machines, GIRLS, strobe lights, GIRLS, LASERS, GIRLS, glow sticks, GIRLS. Atmosphere provided by Sound in Motion featuring Minneapolis’ hottest local DJ’s including Jack Trash, Cities of Gold, Tyler Hampton, Ben Clear, D-Struct, Stash and Guest MC Obliquity. Each ‘Club Enhanced’ night show starts at dusk after our last 7:30 day show (shortly after 8pm) on Fri 8/27, Sat 8/28, Thu 9/2, Fri 9/3, Sat 9/4, Sun 9/5.

“Watchin you I’m watchin you we go all out”
Not our fault the fans keep flocking to us, our shows easily exceed four figures on a daily basis. Our ultra refined 2010 skatepark setup is guaranteed with thousands of whips, hundreds of flips, fronties, flipwhips, 3doublewhips… NBD.

“The club can’t even handle me right now” (put your hands up!)
3rd Lair. Sound in Motion. Grub Apps.


If you are interested in being an additional sponsor for these 12 days of 90 BMX shows at one of America’s largest state fairs, contact [email protected] immediately. Coverage from last year on ESPN: http://espn.go.com/action/bmx/blog/_/post/4754645