ASA Anit-Tobacco High School Tour 2010 – Sponsored by US Marines – Week 1 – Denver, CO

Wrapped up our last show of the 12 day MN State Fair & flew out that night to Denver for ASA’s HighSchool Anti-Tobacco Tour sponsored by the US Marine Corps. This is the first of a 10 week tour, and I’ve been lucky enough to join for this week! Basically doing shows on a 11′ vert ramp double semi trailer called the “Tin Can” with Trevor Meyer (Chaska, MN local who I grew up watching on the X-Games) Jimmy Walker, and Jay Eggleston, both who I’ve also grown up watching in contests over the years. Crazy to be doing shows with these legends in the sport. Then the Marines drive their Hummer in, setup a tent & pull up bar, then have the kids come over & see who can do the most pull ups & talk about the Marines while we do our ramp show & Jimmy C talks about the uses of tobacco. BTW- Jimmy is dialed when it comes to tobacco. First show was wild, we’re outside getting ready when all of a sudden the school doors open as hundreds/thousands of kids start pouring out for our demo. It was crazy. We even did shows this week at Columbine High where the massacre occured in 1999. Sooooo wild being there. AJ Anaya even came out to do a few shows!! Then he took us to one of the local parks in town that had some sort of a private box & quarter resi area in back. Thx again AJ. One night Jay invited us over for dinner where we watch Mat Hoffman’s new “Birth of Big Air” movie.. Jimmy & Jay had sooo many stories about things that happened in the video, both of them literally experienced all of that over the years. Thank you Jimmy C, Sara, etc. And the Marines!!! Honored to shred with you guys.