ASA Anit-Tobacco High School Tour 2010 – Sponsored by US Marines – Week 2 – Minneapolis, MN

After a solid week in Denver, ASA just happened to be doing their second week of Highschool shows in Minneapolis.. Luckily I was able to take a spot in the demos with local BMX hero’s Trevor Meyer from Chaska, MN, and Tom Haugen from Plymouth, MN. Once again, I grew up watching these guys at contests on TV. Psyched to be doing shows with them years later. So much fun doing shows with all these guys in our home town. If only we could have done one at Eden Prairie High School!! Yes, I’m an EP boy. We even just happened to do a show at my roommates girlfriends daughters highschool where I just had to call her name out on the mic during a show hahh we also had a few rainy days, where ASA actually has a small 3′ wide launch & 6′ wide landing box jump. The thing is crazzzzyyyyyy…. Never ridden anything like it. Supposedly it is made to travel with on an airplane?? This week we also got to meet & shred with pro skater Jay Stevason! Once again, thank you Jimmy, Sara, etc. Super exciting week.