ASA Anit-Tobacco High School Tour 2010 – Sponsored by US Marines – Week 3 – Chicago, IL

Landed in Chicago. Shredding this week with Trevor Meyer, Jimmy Walker, Anthony Furlong, and Eito Yasutoko. Trevor & I are rooming together this week at the Hampton. BTW I love Hampton’s now, Jimmy Coleman got me hooked. So Slackony Furlong lost his skateboard on the airplane (pretty sure he threw it in the river) so he sat out the first few shows. Then we had a few questionable “rain” days that were beautiful but we still ended up doing the shows in a gym which means no vert ramp, box only, which means bikes only, which means Jimmy Walker may break his foot jumping the box, which he did, which means Trevor & I are left to finish the indoor gym shows. LOL we had a blast. We went out for dinner for hometown hero Koji Kraft’s birthday this week. The first time I met Koji about 8 years ago at Scrap skatepark he gave my one of his old camo spray painted Hoffman frames with YooHoo stickers hahh that thing was a tank & I was so psyched. So Koji currently has a broken foot from Dew Tour, where he can only wear a sandal because he has two TV antenna style pins sticking out of his foot, and he STILL wanted to ride in a show. Eito has been blogging! Check it out Oh wait, translate?? “Herro Prease!!”