ASA Anit-Tobacco High School Tour 2010 – Sponsored by US Marines – Week 6 – St Louis, MO

Flew into St Louis for a week of shows with Trevor Meyer, Tom Haugen, Benji Galloway, and Eito Yasutoko. Really never been in St Louis, good lord that arch is fricken huge. This week I roomed with my new favorite pool skater Benji Galloway, I wake up Monday morning to a random dude walking into my hotel room with a skateboard, and a banjo. This happens to be Jimmy’s hometown, who is our announcer and basically helps run the whole tour. We ended up at this wild bar across the road Helen Fitsgeralds just about every night. Talk about karaoke.. Benji killed it. Our shows were great, kids were psyched. Eito & I started doing some doubles runs mid show, I’d be upside down doing a flair while he’d be doing a 540 over me. Eito is on the US tour for 10 weeks, he’s pumped to get back home to his wife & baby boy back in Japan! Trevor & I are both wrapping up our last week on the tour, Tom’s continuing on to the big TX. Special thanks to everyone, Sara, ramp crew (yes Tyler this includes you), all the Marines, etc.

Check out the video one of the Marines put together