Hitting a Deer on Interstate 35W Full Speed at 70MPH. NBD.

About an hour south of Minneapolis on our way home from beautiful exotic Iowa, 70MPH, MOMMA BAMBI decides to walk onto 35W. Literally a split second to even notice. WhatTF am I thinking at this point?? People DIE from hitting deer. I feel an impact on my feet in the passenger seat. Now Glenn & I haven’t played any football since 4th grade, but we PUNTED that 200LB #@$@er seriously 15′ high. 70MPH. SILENCE. Headlights out. Front end crushed. I look into the dark sky and see this flying deer. 70MPH. Literally slams right on top of our roof and rolls off into the ditch. Still, 70MPH. Deer hair crushed into the hood. Deer blood sprayed all over our bikes on the rack. I look over at Glenn speechless. Car starts smoking, got off at the next exit, car totaled, waited an hour for a ride.