Knee Surgery at TRIA Orthopaedic Center

I’ve been riding with a knee brace during these last few months of shows. Things haven’t been moving right over the last 6 months, however since I left Quality a year and a half ago my insurance hasn’t been the greatest. Up until recently, a provision of the nation’s new health care law now allows you to stay on your parents insurance until age 26. BOO-YA. Effective 11/1. AND my family has 100% covered until 1/1/2011. Let’s get to work!!

TRIA Orthopaedic Center (yes where the Twins & Vikings go). Time for an MRI (which BTW is an INSANE machine and FRICKEN loud).

200 shows over the last 6 months did some damage!! Torn meniscus & meniscal cyst (basically collection of joint fluid outside of the knee joint), arthritis-ness we’ll call it starting on the bottom of my femur (upper leg bone) and some damage under my patella (knee cap).

So basically its a quick arthroscopic surgery, fairly common, 3 incisions, insert the camera, get work done & stitch er back up. So the anesthesiologist comes in & gives me the choice, “You can either go completely under for this, OR you can have the spinal tap & be awake the entire time just numb from waist down.”

Which do you choose?? BTW I just finished doing some shows with someone who’s girlfriend went in for a dental operation, was put under, and died.

I said “I’ve been under for wisdom teeth, let’s try something new. TAP ME DOC!”

So they sit you up, tap the needle in your lower back, lay back down and supposedly everything should go numb. Well it DIDN’T. I felt the first two cuts. I even heard them. It was wild and I’m like, “umm am I supposed to feel anything?” and the doc says “No you should be completely numb.” “Well, I’m definitely not!” hahh so we wait a few minutes and it still never kicked in. Apparently this happens to a very small percent of people. All of a sudden the gas mask comes over & I’m out.

Recovery is going well, shouldn’t be off the bike for too long, I’m guessing 4 weeks. Physical therapy starts in 2 weeks. Yes I need more vicodin.