Cory Nastazio’s Stephen Murray BMX Benefit Jam Rockstar Pool Party in Temecula, CA. The X-Life.

Rooming with my brotha Colton Satterfield from Utah! Imagine driving up a mountain in Temecula’s wine country, walking thru Nasty’s front gates, signing VH1 waivers for The X-Life TV show, dodging all the Rockstar banners, and then looking over the backyard hill and seeing a monster dirt banger set. The course was wild, you start rolling down the side of a mountain skidding about 6 feet then hitting a 2′ kicker hip into a 10′ landing, followed by a 20′ set, then shoot to the sky off an 8′ tall dirt launch. Hugeeeee landing then a dirt quarter to end it off. Fricken wild. Soooo much fun, here is a link to The X-Life episode on VH1, see if you can find my G-Shirt: