The Factory 24 Hour Bike Ramp Facility Pricing: 3 Month, 1 Month, 1 Week, and Single Sessions Now Available

For the last few months, all I hear is “can I come ride your park? can I come ride your park?” Like I said before, Evan & I are not running this as a public skatepark. Only those who chip in can ride, it’s that simple. The skatepark business is not a profitable one, and our goal is to break even. Evan & I both have full time jobs to help keep run this place available for everyone who is down to chip in. Since we started the Factory, our pricing has been set at $600 for 6 months, and you get your own key to ride whenever you want. This will continue to stay the same, however, if you’d like to pay less and ride for a shorter period of time, we now have a few additional options: $400/3mo, $200/1mo, $100/1wk, or $50/day. Full payment is due up front, and you must ride with a keyholder (those who pay for 6 months at a time). We have about a dozen keyholders who ride every day. Come shred with us.