Utah BMX Road Trip: Idaho & Salt Lake City Parks & Trails, QBP’s Q-West & 50/50 BMX & Skate Shop

Wow. So I’ve wanted to visit some of the Utah shredders for quite some time now & Glenn was ready for a vacation so we flew out to Utah for the week. My old employer, and Glenn’s current employer, QBP (Quality Bicycle Products) recently opened their second distribution warehouse in the area as well. Lots of reasons to visit. So we had an early flight… Like reallll early. Didn’t go to sleep early. Arrived around 9am, rented a car & started driving. Now first of all the weather is crazyyyy out there. We drove through 4 hours of rain to Josh Hult’s backyard trails in Idaho, literally showed up and rode. The dirt out there is so thirsty for water, rain literally didn’t do much. We had a wild session with our boys Colton Satterfield and Ben Voyles. I’m talking wild.. Triple trucks, cannon ball double barspins, flip double whips, truck downside whips, 3 flips, good lord lol couldn’t believe how good the session was, especially after no sleep. Then soon passed out at Colton’s Mom’s place. We then drove back down to the Salt Lake area and stopped at Fuzzy & Eddie’s shop 50/50 BMX & Skate, as well as QBP’s new Q-West warehouse. Rode Beringer’s dart board bowl garage, and some other private bowl in the back of a photo studio near 50/50. Also rode John Bethers wild backyard ramp setup, soooo much fun. We stopped by a few different sets of trails (Btw- 12th street Rob Wise is INSANE, wild set on the side of a mountain, I can’t even explain how crazy it is, one wrong more and you’re rolling down a mountain to your death) anyways Tanner Trails were incredible, we sessioned with the locals all afternoon. Special thanks to everyone we ran into on the trip, Colton, Ben, Hult, Beringer, Jonesy, Bethers, Austin, Paul Huemmer, QBP, ShrEddie & Tanner @ 50/50, TEXAS ROADHOUSE, & all the locals, thanks again.