Introducing MEGA JUMP. The Factory 24 Hour Bike Ramp Facility.

After pulling the trigger on opening our own private indoor ramp warehouse, 6 months later we’ve lost about $15,000 (and yes everyone still wants cheaper membership rates). Evan & I have decided that funding this place by local riders isn’t the most sustainable long term solution. Now that it is summer time, we also built an outdoor ramp to set up outside the Factory (and with no ceilings, we have no restrictions on height or length… hint hint…). Now what if we put this ramp on a trailer, and booked a few shows to help fund the Factory? Boom. Let’s do it & keep big ramps in the cities as long as possible…

After seeing concussions and knocked out teeth last season from shows, why not throw a resi landing on this beast? Heck, Micah told me Koji would double flip every show if he had a large resi show box. There is no reason any rider should ever have to get hurt doing a show. BIGGER RAMP, BIGGER TRICKS, AND LESS INJURIES? I’m sold after knee surgery last year.

Welcome to MEGA JUMP. Finally a HUGE ramp in the state. 7′ tall, you pedal so fast it scares you. Just like the big contest jumps, you have so much air time that you need to literally re-learn certain tricks & slow all your rotations down. 10′ airs no problem, you can blast this baby as fast and as high as you want.

Our premiere shows are this weekend on the river in Stillwater for LUMBERJACK DAYS. Bands & more. Thu 7/21 Fri Sat & Sun 4, 6, and 8pm. We ain’t kidding around with these shows, you’ve seen what we’ve been throwing down at the Factory. You a member? Come shred this thing with us. Yes we’re partying, DJ Jack Trash & Sound in Motion will be scratchin our beats. See you on the river.