50′ Backflip on MegaRamp at Woodward West Tehachapi, CA

No words will ever explain the feeling of this.. 45-50 MPH on a BMX bike. Tires screaming louder than you’ve ever heard. You’ve made your commitment. No stopping from here. Send it.

Wasn’t even expecting to ride this thing outside of a few dreams, until I was at camp with Alex Landeros who casually says “wanna ride Mega?”……”Sure.” hahh (scared out of my mind) there’s such a small number of people who have ridden this thing. And the 28′ quarter is the scariest part.

Ben Snowden, Kevin Robinson, Simon Tabron, Big Poppa AKA GOD, Dusty Wygle, Will Blount.. All of us walked up that monster roll in. The nice part about Woodward’s Mega is that is like a big table top, and to some point, you can gradually work your way up to the full gap until you get to this 35-40′ turning point where you do not want to start hanging up. This clip was my first time landing the 50 footer, I sent one full speed straight jump, bailed, & then started flipping.. Everyone says it’s easier to flip… Good. LORD. And the quarter, INSANE.

Special thanks to Alex for the full face & pads. Props to Ricky Moseley & John Andrus for this clip.

Life highlight.