Dustin Grice BMX Winter in Southern California | Riverside Trails Woodward Vegas Extreme Thing

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Thank you everyone for the life changing experience. Special thanks to Jason Brandt, Dylan Pfohl, Polo, 8 Mile, Stephen Murray, Sean & Nick, Marcy & Joel, G&G, Woodward West, Debbie Williams, Da Compound, Shane, Link Foundation, Caleb Gilbertson, BMX Plus, Stolen & Fiction Bikes, AJ Anaya, Ben Snowden, Alex Landeros, Victor Salazar, Bryce Tyron, K-Rob & Simon, Big Daddy, Tristan JMC AJ Haines Kenny Jay Colton Walker, everyone with trails, everyone who holds a shovel, photographers & filmers, & I’m sure there are more !! http://itsgrice.com