JET LAGGED. DUSTIN GRICE. Unit 23 Skatepark – Scotland, United Kingdom. Link Foundation

Aside from hosting the upcoming Lil Pros UK BMX Tour and trying to keep up with our way too talented youth, I was somehow able to crank out a handful of clips in Scotland… And only the greatest skatepark in the world, surrounded by castles, deserves an epic medieval track.

Thanks again Unit 23 Skatepark and Link Foundation. Pretty pumped on this one, I ride all the time however I rarely do edits of myself. Many new strategic goals this year.

MADDOG & Stay Strong Link Support Bracelets available at via Link Foundation 501c3 Non Profit Charity.

Filming: Matt Nicklen @n2t_bmx
Editing: Dustin Grice @dustingrice

Might have to start cranking out my own edits again… I grew up with way too much editing equipment over the years, dad has always worked in the video industry. Like father like son. Always love putting time into a real good edit, look forward to more…