The Factory 5c Latest Updates, 24 Hour Skatepark in Minneapolis, Minnesota

This one has been a long time in the making. I would say years. I have been so bored riding bikes at the factory for so long now, and I have been waiting to make this place more fun for everyone which includes a variety of all different types of ramps. We started by adding the new 6 foot mini ramp with Street spine in the middle which is blended into our box jump. We also have a new mellow vert wall to help all riders get more speed more easily for the box jump. All of the big 7 foot quarters have now dropped down to 6 feet tall. We even have a roll in now at two different heights to get speed for the foam pit. And also a 3 foot tall mini ramp on top of the deck, and a brand-new kids ramp on the other side of the park. This place is perfect for everyone now, we even have a flat ground rails and ledges you can move around in the open space for messing around with street stuff. And on top of all of that, we through down a brand-new layer of paint, not only on all of the ramps, But on the walls!! The place looks absolutely gorgeous. It is so much more friendly. So much more clean. So much more fun to ride and exciting to be there. Huge thank you to all of the BMX dads, jason, rob, jeff, justin, and all of the others who stopped in to help. This was one of the biggest projects yet within the factory, it seriously took about six months off & On just to finish these updates. See you at the factory!