Jumping The Biggest Jumps at Whistler Mountain on Rental Bikes – Crab Apple Hits

After renting mountain bikes in Canada for a couple days, these “MTB n00bs” from America soon found out about “Crab Apple Hits”, the biggest and most insane jumps at Whistler Mountain… The jumps are rumored to be up to 22 meters/65 feet long. See what happens here at the MTB Capital of the world as Dustin Grice, Evan Moyle, AJ Haines, Tristan “TwisterX15” Sagastume, Ryan Patin, and Jeff Mclearen experience the biggest jumps at Whistler.

Filming: Dustin Grice & Jeff Mclearen
Editing: Dustin Grice


More videos: http://youtube.com/dustingrice