My 30th Birthday Suprize Party

I still can’t believe this one. I had a great 30th birthday. I saw my family, hung out with Trisha, overall it was just a great day. Especially for having a broken leg. The doctor actually start walking again for. Trisha made reservations for dinner, and then kind of blew it and give away the place we’re going it’s always no longer a surprise. No big deal. I hit up a few friends on the way and told them that we maybe going out afterwards and Hoping that they would meet up with us, I got a few responses but in general and everyone seemed like they were busy. I was kind of bummed out. Anyways we got to the restaurant and we made our way back into one of the corners as they were about to seat us for 2. I heard some noise to the left of me and looked and it was a loud group. It was in uptown at Chino Latino which I hadn’t been to for many years. To the right I started to hear another loud group I looked all over but it was still so dark and then all of a sudden I heard a huge, BOOM BABBBYYYYYYY!!!! I looked over and was so confused. I thought I recognized someone, A bike rider from the past, but then next to them I thought I recognized one of the parents of one of the young kids that rides as well. I thought to myself there is no way that those two could be sitting together. Then I thought I recognized someone else. As I looked on the table there were more and more people and it eventually just faded into more people than I could even see. I looked at Tricia and I could not believe what I was seeing. I started tearing up. I cannot believe it. There were about 30 people showed up and surprised me. It was one of the most incredible things that anyone has ever done for me. I still can’t believe it. Thank you so much Tricia, and Evan and Caleb, anyone who helped plan this and everyone who showed up, family, friends. I am still in shock. I still cannot believe this. Thank you to AJ as well for capturing the photos, Truly one of the most memorable moments of my life. Love you all so much.