What is it like to turn 30 years old. F*ck.

Today is the last day of my life in my 20’s. All I can say is that it has been pretty F ing epic. Not one regret. Huge thanks to all my family & friends that have been a part of it, real excited for this next round #LIFE Photo @MattGriess #Yosemite 20’s Recap: Graduated college twice with two AAS degrees, worked full time for 5 years in IT at Quality Bicycle Products, been freelancing for 5 years with Caleb including work for Renters Warehouse, Cowboy Jacks, Deco BMX & Total BMX, taught a web college course for 2 years, built a handful of iOS & Android apps including Dream Park Builder, won pro dirt BMX contests in Vegas & Arizona, started a stunt show & indoor skatepark with Evan in Minneapolis five years ago changing our scene & producing some of the world’s most talented bike riders of all ages, designed & built some of our states funnest bike ramps with Tufty, lived in Southern California for 3 winters, road tripped all over America, backflipped the 50′ MegaRamp, performed in Nitro Circus, been on TV thanks to ASA, made it on the cover photo of BMX Plus Magazine, created a YouTube channel with 25,000 subscribers & 5,000,000 views including Lil Pros Tour, been greatly involved with a charity called the Link Foundation, started a new clothing line for our local riding scene with already 500 sold embroidered hats in 2 months, skydiving, bungee jumping, spent 3 months alone in Europe, survived a gun pulled on a French friend & I in Mexico looking for a bike, broken leg, broken eye socket, knee surgery, blown just about every extra cent I’ve made traveling to 30 different countries, literally flew around/lapped the world, and best of all I’ve met some incredible people, have the best family friends & business partners, and rode a shit load of bikes. I thought this was going to be a sad day, but as I’m writing all of this out & remembering some of the most incredible stories, I’m sooo fricken pumped & seriously blown away that I actually pulled all of this off. If there is something you want to do in life, don’t wait. Do what it takes to get it done. So long twenties. I’ve burnt you out anyways. Let’s do this thirties. I’ve got some ideas.