Banff & Jasper National Parks just may be the most beautiful place on earth

After traveling to Alaska, Norway, Switzerland, and New Zealand, not to mention all of the Big national parks and the Rocky Mountains in America, I knew that Alberta Canada would be another very epic adventure. Round trip flights are $373 to Calgary and only three hours away for us from Minneapolis. Once you get into Calgary the park is only an hour and a half away. given how cheap and easy it is to get here, everyone in North America should go to this place no matter what. It easily rates in my opinion just as epic and insane as all of the other places I have been. Very similar to New Zealand for sure, possibly even bluer water than New Zealand. The glaciers are insane and very easy to get to. Jasper is only a couple hours away as well. There were many campsites off the highway and other places to stay. There are even cheap hostels along the road as well. There is really only one main highway that goes through both of the parks, it is super easy to navigate and get everywhere. And very scenic the entire time. This trip is a must for everyone. Go to Lake Louise, Lake Moraine, Lake Peyto, and Lake Maligne where you can take a boat tour to Spirit Island seen in the photo below. The weather is incredible as well, we were camping in mid-September with lows in the 40s. Not bad at all. Also go and see the Columbia icefield and do the tour where they bring you on the glacier. So freaking insane. I love Canada. This is one of the few spots that I would think about going back to just because it is so close and inexpensive. Thank you all who have made this such a wonderful trip.