I pre-ordered my iPhone 6s Plus with T-Mobile’s Jump Plan!

I seriously love T-Mobile. Not only do they have such a great plan for traveling internationally (yes free international data & texting),  but there new jump plan is absolutely incredible and this is the first time I have actually used it since I haven’t been paying for it. Last year I bought a iPhone 6+ and today I still owe $450 on it. This new jump plan allowed me to purchased a new phone, an iPhone 6S S plus 128 GB Space gray for only $199, Plus tax. Now when the new phone arrives, I simply send back my old one and continue with my monthly payments towards the new phone. That’s right I don’t have to pay off any of the old phone. Yes, I do pay the small monthly fee to be part of the jump plan, which also includes insurance, however now I have the freedom of getting the new iPhone every single year. So excited to have 4K video in my pocket at all times. I also always order the Plus size because of the better camera stabilization hardware in the phone. The smaller version does not have that and you can notice a difference with the video side-by-side. Definitely check out T-Mobile’s plans, especially if you have a family. I have been with them for almost 15 years. Thank you so much T-Mobile!!

Screenshot 2015-09-16 10.06.01