Lil Pros Kids Tour RACE DAY! Beenleigh BMX Dirt Track, Queensland, Australia

While our parents will be watching the Super Bowl, us kids will be watching the latest Lil Pros video! Join us in Australia as the sprinkling rain starts to turn our park session into a fun race at the BMX Dirt Track. All kids are split up into 3 different race classes: 9 & under, 10-11 year olds, and 12-14 year olds. We even topped it off with a special class for the BMX Dads!

Riders: Storm Gale, Jack Donald, Harry Jeffries, Jack Gray, Eithan Humphy, Cameron Ewington, Rylan Kindness, Jake Kowal, Craig Davidson, Clay Drain, Adam Cameron, Josh Dove, Cooper Wilson, Dylan Koskas, Lewis Allbon, Fraser, Koby Drain, Taj & lil Ben!
Special Thanks: Beenleigh Skatepark, The Kindness Family, Natalya Diehm, Jayden Fuller, Nathan “Lanky” Philps, Nick Cooper, Brad Woodward, Pros, Parents, Locals
Sponsors: Total BMX, X-Rated Helmets, Jet Pilot, Colony BMX, Deco BMX, Link Foundation, BMX Plus! Magazine, Dream Park Builder, Stay Strong BMX, The Factory, Fat BMX, BMX Groms, JC Action Sports
Host: Dustin Grice
Filming/Editing: Dustin Grice

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