Fat Bike Snow Park. Sneaking In & Riding a Ski Resort… Yes, with Backflips | Buck Hill, Minnesota

What started out as a laugh over a few drinks, Dan Riley & John Gaddo soon turned their crazy idea into reality as they showed up at their local ski hill before opening hours with a group of friends. Witness the massive jumps, hill bombing, and half pipe carving while the sun rises over Buck Hill in Minnesota with Dan & John, Andy Skoglund, Pete Koski, Thor Shellum, Marty Wood, Adam Buck, Jason Schulberg, Glenn Dussl, Dustin Grice, and the one and only Matt “5th Gear” Ford landing one of the first ever fat bike backflips completely on snow… Truly pioneering their way through what may just be, the very beginning of “Fat Bike Snow Parks”.

Links to all of our local brands & bikes:

Organized by John Gaddo and Buck Hill.
Insta Edit: Adam Buck
GoPro Filming & Editing: Dustin Grice (Thank you so much for this opportunity of a lifetime Matt Ford, Dan Riley, John Gaddo, all riders and Buck Hill, a memorable day for the rest of our lives)

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