Appearing in Explore Minnesota Tourism’s Super Bowl 51 Commercial

“It’s in the air. On the breeze. In the hush. In the roar. There’s something happening here. Don’t miss a second. Only in Minnesota.”

This is just incredible… BMX opening & closing a Super Bowl Commercial for Explore Minnesota Tourism. The amount of energy in our state right now is absolutely unreal, X-Games, Super Bowl 52, and so much more definitely the place to be 2017 & 2018 🔥🔥🔥

So incredibly honored to be a part of the 2017 Super Bowl 51 Commercial for Explore Minnesota Tourism, and so freakin proud to see our sport of BMX making it into mainstream media on this level.

Exciting seeing it live on television tonight with Mom & my brother Matt, it came on right after Gaga’s half time show. They used not only 1 but 3 separate clips from our shoot outside our facility at The Factory, both opening and closing the entire commercial. Absolutely blown away. Truly blessed. There is quite a story behind the shoot as well.

Huge thank you everyone at Explore Minnesota, Colle+McVoy, X-Games, TuftyBuilt, especially the production crew, script writers, cinematographers, editors, even color corrector Dave Sweet !! I invited my dad Doug to join us during the shoot as well who also works in the industry, always trying my best to make him the most proud dad in the world. It’s just insane seeing this all come together. Incredible team work everyone.

15 years of performing at The Minnesota State Fair has truly led to something very special. Thank you everyone for all of your support in the passion I have followed over the years, just blown away by all the text messages, posts, comments, etc literally instantly after the commercial aired. Still getting back to everyone, so appreciated, love you all.

Pumped to see some of our local Minnesota born, home made projects being a part of this as well Ride MN, our indoor riding facility The Factory – Minnesota’s 24 Hour Indoor Skatepark, and our local charity project The Link Foundation – The Pink Link And More.

Shoutout to the Patriots, you guys worked hard for that one & certainly know how to entertain. Incredible show.

2017 is off to an incredible start let’s keep the great vibes rolling… Absolute Dream Come True.