Dustin Grice’s “Intro to Web” College Course Starts Again Today! Enjoy Life & Work Remotely

For me personally, affordably starting in Web & Graphic Design at HTC built myself a foundation that changed my entire life, since college I’ve worked remotely on projects for myself and various clients while traveling to more than 30 different countries around the world. Life is anything you are willing to learn and create, I look forward to helping kick start and motivating you on your own foundation and visions. See our latest Syllabus below, or download the PDF here:

Thank you so much for your interest in my class this semester, and allowing me an opportunity to teach you and learn together with you. Please reach out via my Contact Page with questions about enrollment, and do not ever hesitate to reach out any time you have any questions, concerns, or even ideas. The web and the world is constantly evolving, and there are always many new fun areas to explore. I look forward to a great time together this fall, and all my best to you and your families the rest of this year.