Who’s getting married 2017 ??

Who’s getting married 2017 ?? One of your highest priorities better be your wedding video.. You’ll regret it if you don’t. Hit up my bestie AJ Haines for one of the best in the business. He’s captured all the very special moments from my sisters wedding and my cousins wedding, check this teaser out… We … Read more

Our First BMX Contest at The Factory – Minnesota Mayhem

Kids & Pros BMX Jam & Team Contest in Miinneapolis @ridethefactory !! HUGE THANK YOU all sponsors @theshadowconspiracy @nowearbmx @qbmx @3rdlair @subrosabrand @todiefor @staystrongbmx @linkfoundation @decobmx @lilprostour @inter.bmx @mn.bmx @ridemn and our very special host @kennyshort see you all soon !!

Valentine’s Day at Sydney Opera House

This is definitely the most incredible Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had. Tricia and I are here in Sydney and we have tickets to an opera at the opera house. It is indeed as incredible as it seems. It is almost hard to even explain it being here. It is very peaceful. Just the area around … Read more