Dustin Grace! LOL Flyer for Under Park Session in Chile

And now another session @under_park !! with Dustin Grace! The BMX scene in Chile is so friendly, very excited to be here muchas gracias #Repost @under_park HOY! 17:00 Hrs. directo desde USA tendremos una sesión gratis junto a @dustingrice gran personaje del #Bmx a nivel mundial. Tendremos premios para todos los niños gracias @mormaii_chile y … Read more

Valentine’s Day at Sydney Opera House

This is definitely the most incredible Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had. Tricia and I are here in Sydney and we have tickets to an opera at the opera house. It is indeed as incredible as it seems. It is almost hard to even explain it being here. It is very peaceful. Just the area around … Read more