Introducing My “Sick New Shop” – One Place To Sell Everyone

As I get into creating all of this product now with the Ride brand, I also have products available for the lil pros tour, dream Park builder, and also the factory, but it does not make sense to make four different websites to sell all of this stuff. I made one simple website just for … Read more

Dream Park Builder – Better Than Ever on iPhone iPad & Android

The Dream Park Builder App got some new updates recently to get things ready for the holidays, all of the pieces are now split up into categories and sooooomuch quicker & easier to find pieces. There is also a new “Clear All” feature to completely wipe the workspace. Overall things are definitely coming together and … Read more

Introducing Dream Park Builder Skatepark Creator App on iOS & Android – The Full Story

This one has been quite a project in the making, I made my first app shortly after the Apple App Store was introduced and quickly fell in love with the idea of mobile apps. One thing that I’ve always wanted to do, especially when building and running our own indoor ski parking Minneapolis, I have … Read more