Simple Session 2013 – Tallinn, Estonia

Sitting here on the plane back to LA thinking about this past week… Average of 4 hours of sleep every night, horrible jet lag, negative degree weather, angry Russians, incredibly small hotel rooms, no phone service, bar close after the sun rises, & no comment about the women. All surrounded by top BMX riders representing … Read more

Cant Believe I Got in for Simple Session 2013 !! Tallinn, Estonia

cant believe i got in for simple session !! flights are booked one month from today ill be flying overseas 18hrs from lax to tallinn estonia w my good travel mates @v_salazar & @coltonsatt thx risto & @ajanayalater pumped to see all the euro shredders again #bmx #europe #simplesession

My Brand New Bike in England – Stolen Bike Co & Fiction BMX Headquarters

While in the UK, Matt Nicklen took me to Fiction’s UK headquarters where they have a beautiful office, warehouse, & shop/tools packed with new product, samples, frames, wheels, etc. I spent the day with Revs & Greg and we built a brand new Fiction bike ! Black frame fork & bars with chrome/polished small parts … Read more

FISE – Montepellier, France

FISE. Montpellier, France. Park Dirt & Spine Mini. One of the most incredible events in action sports.. BMX MTB skate inline & wake, literally on the river, surrounded with tens of thousands screaming fans, parties & riots every night, all in a foreign language. Special thx for all the comments wishes & help these last … Read more

Broken Eye Socket – FISE – Montepellier, France

what an experience. ill have to write about all of this later… at least i know i can pack a punch hard enough to break an eye socket. special thx to FISE for giving dirt riders 4 total practice runs thru the sets before qualifiers. ddoouubbllee vviissiioonn surgery nxt wk. many riders went down #senditfreehealthcareinfrance

Gypsies & Africans

Everywhere. Literally, everywhere. Especially the African guys, who try to sell you imitation Gucci sunglasses, Rolex watches, etc. So Matt sees a pair of sunglasses he kinda likes… Matt: “So how much?” African: “$50” Matt: “Oh, well I only have $15” as he slowly starts to walk away African: “$30” Matt: “I only have $15” … Read more

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco. The richest area in the world. That explains it all when you arrive into Monte Carlo. Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Bentley’s, Aston Martin’s, Maserati’s, etc. Pretty much everywhere you look. And they race these things in sport car rallys along the coast up high in the mountains! Its incredible.. Then the huge boat marina has ridiculous … Read more