Huge Shoutout to Bob’s Cycle Supply, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I cannot think Bob’s cycle enough for all of their support with the ride product, they were the first ones to approach me and said they wanted to carry the products in their store. I could not believe it. Now, months later, they have continued to reorder more and more product from me. It is … Read more

LIVE at The Factory, First Ever LIVE Skatepark Sessions, Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is seriously one of the coolest ideas ever, streaming live skate park sessions online. Can’t make it out to ride? Do you live town? Now you can tune in to some of our sessions at the factory. You can ask questions, Call riders out, ask how to learn something, it is seriously such a … Read more

The Factory 5c Latest Updates, 24 Hour Skatepark in Minneapolis, Minnesota

This one has been a long time in the making. I would say years. I have been so bored riding bikes at the factory for so long now, and I have been waiting to make this place more fun for everyone which includes a variety of all different types of ramps. We started by adding … Read more

Northern Minnesota’s Boundary Waters

Step 1: Search Google Images for a place you’ve never been to. Step 2: Find the raddest photo you can in that area. Step 3: Do what it takes to find the exact same location & take the photo yourself. Pictured above was our search for “Boundary Waters”. 5 days & 40 canoe miles later, … Read more