2 Year Ago We Rented Our Own Warehouse Space and Started TCFF in Minneapolis

every bmx scene has thought about it.. 2yrs ago feb 1st evan & i signed an intimidating lease for our local scene’s very own rider funded warehouse space in minneapolis. thank you every rider, parent, & sponsor who has helped make this possible. it aint perfect but our scene actually pulled the trigger & made … Read more

New Step Up Ramp in our Backyard – Orange County, CA

brand new step up addition to our #backyard is finished soo sickkk thx @sandmbmx & all the roomie help first sesh literally everyyything went down. & up. #bmx #socal #orangecounty @snowden4130 @ajanayalater @alexlanderosbmx @scotttwiford @bigdaddyakagod @simontabron @lawrence076 @austincoleman @daniel_sandovalbmx @dustin_t_orem @v_salazar @ryanguettler