Now Doing Cub Scout Pack Shows in Minnesota, So Freaking Awesome

   This is seriously so rad, we’ve done two of these now & would love to do more. Very rewarding experience for everyone. Hit me up if you are in volved with any Cub Scouts in Minneapolis etc, also open to traveling. Checkit out: No way! Little 10 year old @reedbley_bmx and his younger brother … Read more

BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE: Dustin Grice Performs in Nitro Circus LIVE Minneapolis – Video by Doug Griess

BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. Literally 16 years in the making hahh spent $250 on VIP tickets, then somehow Guetter got me in to ride practice last minute, 5 runs later it was already showtime and I was rolling in with all my homies as the local boy. Here is a quick recap by Doug … Read more

What it is like to ride the Giganta Ramp in Nitro Circus LIVE – Minneapolis Target Center.

Words will never describe what it was like to perform in Nitro Circus. Not only the event itself, but the intimidation and horror of Rolling down that massive roll in and hitting the 40 and 50 foot gap jumps. Huge thank you to Jon for hooking this up, I was the local boy from Minneapolis … Read more

10 Year Anniversary at the Minnesota State Fair

Its been quite an adventure.. In the next few weeks I’ll hit my 10th year of doing shows at the Minnesota State Fair. Fun looking back at all the photos & memories.. Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way, this year I’ll be pushin 500 total shows at the fair alone, along with … Read more

Backflip Barspin to Tailwhip

#lifehighlight: my first backflip barspin to tailwhip. right in front of mom:)) had been dreaming about this for yearsss only few others have done it cam colton james kyle brett ?? analysts call out the others thank you bmx for bringing endless happiness into the last 15 years of my life. #followyourpassion photo cred @Jeff … Read more

ASA Entertainment High School Tour 2011 Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids Sponsored by US Marines – Week 3 – Kansas City, MO

Pumped to be invited back for a week with ASA this fall! Finished up the Soulstyce comp in LA around 10pm, flew out of LAX just after midnight, layover in Minneapolis, arrive in Kansas City around 9am, right into our first show of the week around 1pm. Slept all evening afterwards.. Rooming with Anthony Furlong … Read more

Minnesota State Fair 2011 BMX Stunt Shows & 2nd Annual “Club 3rd Lair” Night Shows

7 BMX STUNT SHOWS EVERY DAY AT THE MN STATE FAIR. Starring Haines, Dewitt, Schlegel, Book, Pirate, Treanor, Walker, Elstran, Mies, Dussl, Moyle, Palmquist, Mortenson, Grice, Bilich, Tufty, Short, Tomczik, Nendza, Trygstad, Polaschek, Almquist, Thiel, Willis, Light (yes, we’re bringing the young guns this year, 9 years old w/ 16″ wheels baby, literally), plus more … Read more

Stillwater MN Lumberjack Days Mega Jump BMX Stunt Shows

Special thanks to EVERYONE who came out to Stillwater for Lumberjack Days this year. Hands down, biggest shows of the year. HUGEEEEE TRAINS… Whip, double whip, triple whip. Whip, 3 whip, double whip, 3 double whip. Suicide, tuck, 3 tuck, flip tuck, frontie tuck. Superman contests, flip superman, etc. Truck whip, 3 windshield wiper, 3 … Read more

Introducing MEGA JUMP. The Factory 24 Hour Bike Ramp Facility.

After pulling the trigger on opening our own private indoor ramp warehouse, 6 months later we’ve lost about $15,000 (and yes everyone still wants cheaper membership rates). Evan & I have decided that funding this place by local riders isn’t the most sustainable long term solution. Now that it is summer time, we also built … Read more

ASA Anit-Tobacco High School Tour 2010 – Sponsored by US Marines – Week 6 – St Louis, MO

Flew into St Louis for a week of shows with Trevor Meyer, Tom Haugen, Benji Galloway, and Eito Yasutoko. Really never been in St Louis, good lord that arch is fricken huge. This week I roomed with my new favorite pool skater Benji Galloway, I wake up Monday morning to a random dude walking into … Read more

HopeDay Kids Festival Non Profit BMX Shows at University of Minnesota Bierman Athletic Field

“Restoring Hope. Transforming Lives.” This was the coolest fricken event & place to do shows. Beautiful day. Perfect weather for riding. We were doing shows on the track around a football field with huge bleachers. Free food drinks & snacks for everyone. Lots of activities & games for the kids. Mascot action figures walking around, … Read more

ASA Anit-Tobacco High School Tour 2010 – Sponsored by US Marines – Week 3 – Chicago, IL

Landed in Chicago. Shredding this week with Trevor Meyer, Jimmy Walker, Anthony Furlong, and Eito Yasutoko. Trevor & I are rooming together this week at the Hampton. BTW I love Hampton’s now, Jimmy Coleman got me hooked. So Slackony Furlong lost his skateboard on the airplane (pretty sure he threw it in the river) … Read more

ASA Anit-Tobacco High School Tour 2010 – Sponsored by US Marines – Week 2 – Minneapolis, MN

After a solid week in Denver, ASA just happened to be doing their second week of Highschool shows in Minneapolis.. Luckily I was able to take a spot in the demos with local BMX hero’s Trevor Meyer from Chaska, MN, and Tom Haugen from Plymouth, MN. Once again, I grew up watching these guys at … Read more

ASA Anit-Tobacco High School Tour 2010 – Sponsored by US Marines – Week 1 – Denver, CO

Wrapped up our last show of the 12 day MN State Fair & flew out that night to Denver for ASA’s HighSchool Anti-Tobacco Tour sponsored by the US Marine Corps. This is the first of a 10 week tour, and I’ve been lucky enough to join for this week! Basically doing shows on a 11′ … Read more