TwisterX15 SoCal Tour

Talk about a fun trip, Tristan Sagastume & Chase Bilich flew back with me to CA after the holidays where we met up with my roomies AJ Anaya & Alex Landeros, then Victor Salazar & AJ’s GF from Estonia Maria joined us as we toured all the great riding spots of Southern California… We even … Read more

RIP Lake Owen Camp

From my little brother Matt dropping into a concussion on vert, to late night walks down to the trails, and learning to wakeboard, the endless number of stories from Lake Owen Camp will always keep the spirit alive. Thank you Hinkens, Crawford, Dowhen, Ron, and the entire LOC family for these past 5 summers. Especially … Read more

Winter in Southern California

Thank you everyone for the life changing experience. Special thanks to Jason Brandt, Dylan Pfohl, Polo, 8 Mile, Stephen Murray, Sean & Nick, Marcy & Joel, G&G, Woodward West, Debbie Williams, Da Compound, Shane, Link Foundation, Caleb Gilbertson, BMX Plus, Stolen & Fiction Bikes, AJ Anaya, Ben Snowden, Alex Landeros, Victor Salazar, Bryce Tyron, K-Rob … Read more

Bryce Tryon land the World’s Youngest Backflip Barspin

wowww 11yr old bryce tryon just landed the worlds youngest backflip barspin on woodwards resi in tehachapi california makin us proud !!!! pretty pumped on this, we worked on it for a bit together at camp and i had the pleasure of watching & filming it all go down, great work bryce !

50′ Backflip on MegaRamp at Woodward West Tehachapi, CA

No words will ever explain the feeling of this.. 45-50 MPH on a BMX bike. Tires screaming louder than you’ve ever heard. You’ve made your commitment. No stopping from here. Send it. Wasn’t even expecting to ride this thing outside of a few dreams, until I was at camp with Alex Landeros who casually says … Read more

Lake Owen Camp 2010 Video, 2011 Summer Starting Soon!!

Check out Lake Owen’s video collage from last summer, tons of clips from local MN shredders. Thanks again LOC, super pumped for camp again this year. If you haven’t been to Lake Owen’s Action Sports Camp in Cable, WI, I high suggest checkout out their website and saving your hard earned money for one … Read more