How to Start My Next Website

Great question! Once you are ready to move forward with everything, let’s start by thinking about our new website, the look, the content, etc and start gathering all of the pieces…

1. Let’s Find a Look/Theme for Your New Website

We want to start by taking a look at some “responsive” themes for your website to start sparking the excitement of how your new site may look!

When you have some time, there are over 100 just in these few links… You want responsive, that means it’ll scale down to all devices, mobile, etc.

Keep in mind most of these themes we can change colors, background images, etc… Just look at the general layout of it, we can always create your own more artistic graphics to change the look of many of these… Collect the names & links to a few that stand out to you & we’ll narrow it down from there.

These ones are some of the nicest and most simple & flexible to work with that I’ve found over the past few years:

See if there is anything that jumps out at you, and start saving a list of links to ones you like. From there we can narrow it down with pros & cons of each…

2. Start Gathering Content

Here are a few more things here that I’ll need from you:

  • Domain name & what emails you’d like to have (, etc)
  • Company address, phone number, etc
  • Brand colors
  • Logo & Photos
  • About Us paragraph, experience, etc
  • Clients/Testimonials
  • Staff Bios, Photos
  • Articles/FAQ

Also start thinking about some paragraphs/articles/topics that would help your clients choose you:

  • Why should I come to you guys? What makes you better than the others?
  • I am clueless about all this stuff, what can you all help me with?

I also recommend starting a Blog, with very random topics from your industry that will make you stand out in search engines… Maybe companies don’t write articles, just think of random questions your clients/customers my be thinking about. Think of what they may be typing into Google.. This content is great especially if your competition doesn’t have much of it on their sites. Look around on their sites too, you want unique content. You want your site to be there when potential customer are typing in their questions into Google.

3. Do you need physical products printed?

If you can get me a list of what type of products you need printed, general quantities, etc for company shirts, hats, pens, sunglasses, etc I have a few connections that can take care of all of this for you.

This will definitely be a good start for us… Anything else, feel free to ask. Let’s get rolling!