Connect with Facebook Feature Now Available on QBP’s

Did another contract job with QBP this past summer (yes I stay busy during the M-F 9-5 hours while not riding !!) this one is super cool.. Adding Facebook friends functionality into QBP’s GreenlightRide website. The roots of this “log your work commute” idea came from QBP’s “Commuter Credit” ride to work program that was manually kept track of on paper way back in the day. Doug Schidel baby!! During my employment with Q, I was lucky enough to actually sit next to Doug, and eventually spent quite a bit of my time in IT building an internal web interface for logging miles, reporting, etc. Years later, Marketing took over the project and pushed it to the general public with a new website called Greenlight Ride. This allowed companies other than QBP to log their miles, view reports, automate ride to work teams & challenges/contests, and much more functionality. Now a few years later I’ve been asked to put some time into Greenlight and tie it to Facebook. This is sooooo cool now logging in and seeing all of your friends who ride their bike to work, which teams they are on, etc. It can also post your rides on your Facebook wall etc if you choose to. Love it. Thanks for the opportunity Q.