World’s First? Fat Bike Tail Whip

Been Dreaming of doing a Fat Bike Tailwhip for so long now 😍😍 #Repost @aaronbelford ・・・ I’ve never seen a person tail whip a fat bike till Dustin @grice did it! @visitsaintpaul @redbullcrashedice @aftonalps @sebikes @ridethefactory @ridemn No clue how many Fat Bike Tailwhips are out there but @2pac & I were fricken pumped to get this one … Read more

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Seriously Crushed. The Greatest Role Model Ever. RIP Dave Mirra “Miracle Boy”

Seriously crushed right now. My greatest role model in life just took his own life. 24-time X-Games Medalist. Def hits hard, thought it was a joke. This pic was the first time we met, dew tour free flow finals 2007 in Orlando. Look at me I couldn’t even believe we were meeting him. my whole … Read more

One of the biggest gaps of my life – The Dirty 30 Death Gap at The Factory in Minneapolis

30 years old & still sending it Finally took care of this dirty 30 death gap foam launch to mini ramp 16′ oppo air @ridethefactory been dreaming of down whipping it for a good year now huge thank you chicago boys @nickjohnsonbmx & @mikedinellobmx pumping up our sessions @jeffmclearen @kennylikey & freaking @aj_haines dialedddd behind … Read more

Dustin Grace! LOL Flyer for Under Park Session in Chile

And now another session @under_park !! with Dustin Grace! The BMX scene in Chile is so friendly, very excited to be here muchas gracias #Repost @under_park HOY! 17:00 Hrs. directo desde USA tendremos una sesión gratis junto a @dustingrice gran personaje del #Bmx a nivel mundial. Tendremos premios para todos los niños gracias @mormaii_chile y … Read more

National BMX Day

That’s right! Every year now on July 20th, which is 7/20, also 720, (two 360’s, one of the sickest BMX tricks ever) is BMX day. Be sure to get out get rad and ride your bike! Happy BMX Day!

LIVE at The Factory, First Ever LIVE Skatepark Sessions, Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is seriously one of the coolest ideas ever, streaming live skate park sessions online. Can’t make it out to ride? Do you live town? Now you can tune in to some of our sessions at the factory. You can ask questions, Call riders out, ask how to learn something, it is seriously such a … Read more