“On behalf of myself and everyone involved with The Factory 24 Hour Hobby Facility, Ride Brand, Lil Pros Tour YouTube Video Series, Link Foundation Charity, even as a host of ASA’s Anti-Bullying High School Tour, we all want to wish you and your families the Happiest of the New Year. We look forward to another fun year together as we all continue doing what we love. Over the years these fun little side projects have turned into a movement that has become absolutely infectious… Families, kids, and riders of all ages have been tuning in from all over the world. We ride. We learn. We build. We fall. We encourage. We motivate. We get back up. We focus. We try again. We work together. We perform. We innovate. We’re not scared to try something new & we never give up. We’ve created lifelong friendships, and lifelong memories. The goals, the achievements, the experiences, and the opportunities that have evolved because of our “labor of love” side projects outside of our normal jobs have balanced & changed our lives, and will live with us forever. It’s just amazing to think about what we have all created together because of action sports. Words will never describe how grateful we are for your continued support. To every one of you who has ever joined us for a session or a show, worn or shared a product, or simply clicked on our website or videos online, Thank You. This year we were able to hit a grand total of over $21,000 donated to Minnesota Special Olympics Athletes with our very own “Fat Bike Flip Polar Plunge“. This truly is an unexpected Dream Come True. Kicking off 2020 I will be teaching 6 “Website & Entrepreneurship” Emphasized Courses at Hennepin Technical College, 10 years ago this program built an incredible foundation that changed my entire life, and I’m excited to help kick start students of all ages on their own foundations and visions in life. Please reach out if you or anyone you know ever has interest in a new adventure in life. On behalf of myself and the rest of our teams, we look forward to serving you again next year and all our best to you and your family this year. From my family to yours, Cheers to You for reading this, and a NEW YEAR!” -DG”

Dustin Grice Starring in Explore Minnesota Tourism’s Super Bowl Commercial

So incredibly honored to be a part of our local Super Bowl 51 Commercial for Explore Minnesota Tourism, and so freakin proud to see our sport of BMX making it into mainstream media on this level.

“It’s in the air. On the breeze. In the hush. In the roar. There’s something happening here. Don’t miss a second. Only in Minnesota.”

Our $10,000 Donation Jump for Minnesota Special Olympics

Thank you all for your contributions and for being a part of this exciting brand new concept supporting Special Olympics. A Grand Total of $10,459 has been Donated to Special Olympics Thanks to YOU! This is by far one of the most challenging things we’ve ever pursued… From logistically bringing the idea to reality 4 years later with Special Olympics, Property Owners & Zorbaz, Insurance, Local Law Enforcement & Cutting Ice… Then reaching for the moon and building our $10k Fundraiser Team within 4 weeks… Right up until the final seconds cranking thru non-ridable melting snow on carpet… WE DID IT. #TEAM10K. You are all going on our wall. Every single name. Your generosity truly hit us deep down with this one. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart -Dustin Grice

Dustin Grice Performs in Nitro Circus LIVE

BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. Literally 16 years in the making hahh spent $250 on VIP tickets, then somehow Guetter got me in to ride practice last minute, 5 runs later it was already showtime and I was rolling in with all my homies as the local boy. Here is a quick recap by Doug Griess. THANK YOU NITRO CICRUS LIVE !!!!

Dustin Grice on the Cover of BMX Plus! Magazine

Never in a million year would I ever think I’d make the cover photo of a BMX magazine! This was actually shot at a Pro BMX Contest in Arizona that I went to while living in Southern California, and I somehow made it onto the podium for 1st Place! Huge thank you to Ben at BMX Plus! This is an absolute dream come true.