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Never let the idea of a website or hosting stress you out, it should never be that complicated

My partners & I offer our clients managed web hosting so whatever you need web related, even print related, we are your main contact & can help you with just about everything. Many of the cheaper “shared” hosting companies provide painful overseas support, long hold times, and un-needed stress. Never let the idea of a website or hosting stress you out, it should never be that complicated. We focus on building long term relationships right here in town and making things as easy as possible for our clients.


  • Started CDG Software in 2009 with business partner Caleb Gilbertson
  • More than 15 years of experience with web hosting, servers, & server maintenance (We have worked with all kinds of hosting providers, including the one you may be currently having issues with)
  • We’ve build a vast network of professional partners in all areas of IT & Marketing to handle nearly any task for your business, we’ve seen it all

Managed Web Hosting

  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring (If anything goes down we are automatically alerted via text & email and on it ASAP)
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support, email or call and talk to us ANY TIME
  • Automated nightly, weekly, and monthly backups (We make sure you can roll back to a fresh copy of your site just incase anything ever happens on your end)
  • Automatic WordPress security updates avoiding hacks & threats to your website
  • Monthly web statistic emails integrated with Google Analytics for the most comprehensive web reporting available (Who is visiting your website? How often? How many people are visiting your website on a smart phone or tablet? What keywords are they searching on Google to get to our site? What other sites are linking to our site?)
  • Domain Name Support
  • Email Address Support
  • FTP Accounts
  • Need shirts, hats, mugs, pens, etc for your business? We’ve worked with so many companies and have so many contacts for all of this stuff

Don’t worry, your site is not being hosted in our basement, we rent server rack space from one of the largest most reliable server companies in the world. We then have each of our clients chip in for the costs to give everyone a better hosting experience.

We also have over 10 years of web programming experience, anything you need as far as new web site features etc we can get you a quick time estimate and we’ll get it done asap. We do a ton of consulting work as well, marketing brainstorming, and more.

If clients choose to host elsewhere and they have issues or need help figuring out things on their own, we charge a standard hourly rate to deal with all and other hosting companies’ issues & support. Cheap “shared” web hosting providers will squeeze your site onto a machine with X,XXX number of other random web sites on the exact same machine, any of which can slow down your site. If we are hosting your site we will take care of any issues no charge. We control everything on our server and know if anything could be harmful to your site. Call our cell & we’ll take care of any hosting issues.

We have you covered.

Custom Software Projects

We have also developed and maintained many large software systems for a handful of businesses throughout the country, we can help you accomplish your business objectives:

  • E-Commerce Online Store applications with shopping cart checkouts, inventory management, customer management, etc
  • Software for social media & marketing management
  • Group buying publisher platform used to build a group buying network with white labeled publishers & offers from local businesses, currently processed over a half a million in sales
  • Barhop platform used for social media, SMS, & email marketing
  • Contact us if you have a large project you’d like to discuss, we can even sign a non-disclosure privacy agreement if you’d like

Simply looking for Sample Work or just want to focus on building a New Website or New App?


  • Cowboy Jacks
  • Renters Warehouse
  • Twin Cities Fantasy Factory
  • Hosted Hunts
  • Total BMX
  • The Capital Advisory Group
  • American Training Videos
  • Cover It All Siding
  • Sky Oaks Barn
  • BMX Trickstars
  • Deco BMX
  • Mr Bikes n Boards
  • Lil Pros BMX Tour
  • Lu’s Pizza
  • Gyropolis
  • Hennepin County Medical Center
  • Lashes For All
  • Jeff’s Art
  • Crooks Performance
  • Drift Mentality
  • Everything Promotions
  • Pizza Man
  • Full Service Battery
  • Full Spectrum Builders
  • Glacier Companies
  • Midwest Complete Comfort
  • Modsun
  • New Concept Contractors
  • Security GPS
  • Pod Music Gear
  • Shortsale MN Pro
  • Talkboy TV
  • The Daily Loud
  • Webb Candy
  • What The Hail

Have an idea for a business or an app?
Let’s talk. We have just about everything it takes to get a business up & running and being partners.