Website Classes at Hennepin Technical College Taught by Dustin “Grice” Griess

Website Classes at Hennepin Technical College Taught by Dustin Grice

“For me personally, learning to build websites has built myself a foundation that changed my entire life. Since college I’ve worked remotely on projects for myself and various clients while traveling to more than 30 different countries around the world. Life is anything you are willing to learn and create. I look forward to helping kick start and motivating you on your own foundation and visions.”

I have now taught 10 semesters totaling 5 years of classes at Hennepin Technical College. Our classes are filled with excitement, energy, and motivation. My students are amazing, I look forward to seeing them every week, and I’d love to introduce you into our world and see you in our next class together. 

“Quarantined Web Class” Now Online!

A Simple Introduction to Website Design & Development

I now have a brand new 2 hour video class online as a basic introduction to our entire web program… This allows you to try learn the very basics of web, including building your very first basic website, all within 2 hours. Yes, you can even start this right now from home… Afterwards, you can then decide if you’d like to continue into the actual college program, where I will help guide you the entire way as I have for many other students over the years.

Official College Programs, Degrees, and Certificates

Take a look at our Sample Course Syllabus’ below… And consider allowing me to teach you all of these new skillsets yourself!

And please reach out if you or anyone you know ever has any interest in a new adventure in life, and adding a new skillset into their career. Even if the timing is not right at this moment, and you’d consider it for the future I will add you to our list of those interested down the road... I’ve been in web for roughly 25 years, I’m not going anywhere and neither is the web! I’d love to introduce you into our exciting world…

MGDP 1250 – Web Design & Development I

MGDP 2050 – Web Design & Development II

Web Design & Development III

MGDP 2100 – Web Production & Freelancing

MGDP 1210 – Graphic Design Essentials

MGDP 1900 – Specialized Lab

Thinking about it? You can take any class as a single course, however you can also complete an entire certificate or degree…

Web Design Certificates

More Graphic Design Certificates

Signing Up for Classes at Hennepin Technical College

Click the Button below to go to Hennepin Tech’s website, and then Click Search to see all of the upcoming courses I have offered at the college… (All you need to do is make sure the upcoming semester is selected, and our Graphic Design Department MGDP filled in, which both should already be pre-selected for you)

Thank you so much for your interest in my classes, please reach out if you or anyone you know would ever have interest in a fun new change in life.