Professional BMX Rider


  • Riding since 1998, back in the days of looking up to Minnesota locals & GT Bikes pro riders Tom Haugen & Trevor Meyer, then years later performing in shows together.
  • Compete in various professional events, Dew Tour, FISE, ASA BMX Triples, etc.
  • Close with action sports camps Woodward, Lake Owen, etc. Instruct many BMX Lessons.
  • Ride nearly every day, also recently moved into the Southern California BMX Scene.
  • Worked full time in the bicycle industry for 5 years at QBP Distribution/QBMX.. Interbike attendee etc


  • Professional, clean, healthy, on time, helpful, role model, & friendly.
  • Freelance web developer, iPhone Apps (BMX Grub, Skate Grub, etc).
  • Social marketing for many shows & events I perform at. *Also includes web edits to help increase their online exposure.
  • Always interested in the business side, would love to help.

Proudest Accomplishments in BMX

  • Started a rider funded 24-hour ramp facility for kids to have a place to ride during MN’s winters.
  • Traveled to more than 20 countries with bike.
  • 1st Place at LHC Pro BMX Dirt Challenge in Lake Havasu City,AZ.
  • 1st Place at Extreme Thing 2012 Professional BMX Dirt Jumping Contest in Las Vegas, NV.
  • 5th Place at ASA BMX Triples Contest in Chicago, IL after landing his first triple tailwhip on a 10′ quarterpipe.
  • First person to do a 360 no footed cancan to late downside whip, 360 barspin to cancan tire grab, cannonball to barspin, cannonball to tailwhip.
  • Landing a backflip barspin to tailwhip, backflip double tailwhip, and a 360 tailwhip to tailwhip back. -Landing a backflip on the 50’ MegaRamp at Woodward West in Tehachapi, CA.

Dustin Grice JET LAGGED. Unit 23 Skatepark – Scotland, United Kingdom

Dustin Grice 1st Place Extreme Thing Las Vegas Pro Dirt Comp

Dustin Grice 1st Place Lake Havasu AZ BMX Dirt Challenge

Dustin Grice 50′ Backflip MegaRamp 45-50MPH Woodward West Tehachapi CA

Dustin Grice Bike Check – Ghetto Shed England

Dustin Grice – 2 Hour Session

Dustin Grice Makes Front Cover Photo of BMX Plus Magazine

Dustin Grice Performs in Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus

Events Performed At

  • Simple Session, Estonia
  • Baltic Games, Poland
  • BRAAAB, Netherlands
  • Delta Block Party, Delta Airlines Minneapolis & Atlanta
  • FISE Marseille, Montpellier, France & Costa Rica
  • X-Fest Action Sports Fest, England
  • Lake Havasu City Pro BMX Dirt Challenge
  • Extreme Thing Music Festival Las Vegas
  • Mountain Dew Tour – Chicago & Portland
  • Soulstyce Music Festival Los Angeles
  • ASA Entertainment High School Tour with US Marine Corps
  • Minnesota State Fair
  • Mall of America & Brain Injury Association
  • Sonshine Music Festival
  • Journey’s Backyard BBQ
  • Elko Speedway Eve of Destruction
  • Minneapolis Ski & Snowboard Expo
  • Minneapolis Bike, Travel, & Fitness Expo
  • Nature Valley Grand Prix
  • Monster Truck Jam
  • University of Minnesota
  • Tacoma Dome & Franklin Graham
  • Mat Hoffman CFB
  • Souix Falls Empire Fair
  • Brown County Fair
  • North Star Roller Girls
  • St. Paul Cinco De Mayo
  • Various schools & town celebrations